NCOA Challenge Unfair VES Process


The NCOA has reacted swiftly to member concerns over the intranet publication that
VES applicants will be subject of PCP re-deployment, and will not be placed against
the new structure, should they decline acceptance of an early release offer.

Significantly, the publication of this information appeared only after letters of
confirmation to VES candidates were made.

Many staff submitted expressions of interest for Voluntary Early Exit in the belief that
their workplace may be subject of restructure under NOVO. Their applications were
made in order to establish whether the compensation package offered would be a
viable financial alternative to them and their families, in the event of an unwelcome
move. Candidates were advised that they need not accept any offer and could
withdraw their expressions of interest at any time. No warnings were given about the
implications of turning down an offer of early release.

Significantly, finalised compensation quotes will not be available until the end of
November 2014.

The NCOA has challenged the organisation regarding the lack of critical information
supplied to VES applicants prior to the submission deadlines.

I am pleased to report that following swift and extremely constructive dialogue with NCA management that the following communication will be sent to all Heads of Command today:

1. Officers who have applied for VES will be considered for posts where there is
an 80/20 match to their current role and if appropriate, and in line with the
wider approach in the Command, a 60/40 match.
2. Following NCA current operating procedure, where there are more officers
who are an 80/20 match than posts, the performance form should be used.
Officers who have applied for VES will be included in this activity.
3. Officers who have applied for VES can decide to opt out of this process,
aware that should they subsequently decide not to accept voluntary early
release, they will join the PCP.

It has been confirmed that where officers who have applied for VES are placed in to the new structure, the organisation will be aware of their ‘potential’ resignation from the organisation in December 2014 and a ‘reserve candidate' or a potential vacancy will be recorded.

If any member is unsure about the validity of information they receive with regards to restructuring or their individual VES status, we would ask that you speak to your NCOA representative who will provide you with the clarification and authenticity.
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Simon Boon
NCOA Chair