NCOA Condolences to Police Family


Last week in London , a devastating terrorist incident resulted in PC Keith Palmer being murdered, other Police Officers remain in hospital having received injuries when returning from a commendation ceremony where their previous bravery was recognised.
Please find a letter written by NCOA National Secretary on behalf of NCOA Members to Andy Fittes the General Secretary of the Police Federation. The thoughts of NCOA Members have been passed onto the family of PC Palmer and the Metropolitan Police Service.
I know every day, NCOA officers work alongside their Police colleagues in activities which protect the public.  Keith Palmer did not go to work last Wednesday planning to have his heroism recognised posthumously. His actions were in the best  traditions of public service, he was not only brave and courageous but selfless. I know that the thoughts and prayers  of all NCOA members are with the family, friends and colleagues of the victims of the attack in Westminster on the 22nd March 2017.
To read the letter please click link - Read Letter