NCOA Members Forced to Work Longer whilst MP`s Award Themselves 11% Pay Rise


New Proposals which are expected to take £400bn from all of you over future years will all come from the pockets of Public Sector Workers under reforms included in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement . . . A NCOA member born after 1990 will now have to work five years longer than at present to claim their pension.

At the same time, under recent announcements, it is highly likely that ministers will enjoy an average £7,500 pay rise following their election in May 2015, adding even further insult to injury to the planned “work until you drop” proposals affecting the hard working NCOA members and their colleagues across the public sector.

NCOA members throughout the organisation, and particularly those in physically demanding roles, are already worried about being forced to work longer before receiving their workplace pensions. The Ministers pay increases exceeds any increases NCA staff have received in total since joining SOCA 7 years ago.

What does it mean to you?

The below is a guide to when you will now have to work in order to enjoy a state pension. Unless in a protected pension scheme, new pension proposals will see your workplace principle civil service pension also paid at this time:

Age Today                                                     Pension Paid

  • Aged 60 years old                                65 years
  • Aged 54 – 60 years                              66 years
  • Aged 51 – 53 years                              66 or 67 years
  • Aged 46 – 60 years                              67 years
  • Aged 36 – 46 years                              67 or 68 years
  • Aged 23 – 35 years                              68 or 69 years
  • Under 23 years old                               69 or 70 years


What can you do?

The NCOA is committed to opposing these incomprehensible, hypocritical and wholly inappropriate changes your pensions and ministers pay, and seeks its member’s assistance to ensure their opposition is heard.

The NCOA encourages each and every member affected by the changes to contact their MP and lobby them to oppose the government proposals. Please explain clearly why it is inappropriate for you to work in your current role until such a long age. Remind your MP of the crucial law enforcement role that you perform and ask him/her what they intend to in respect of your grievance.

In order to find your MP members can go to and enter their postcode, constituency or MP name to discover their contact details.

Your NCOA Executive will meet next on 16th December when additional courses of action will be discussed. Every member is encouraged to share their views on this issue by using the ‘Contact Us’ page on