NCOA Members Meetings on Pay Reform


Whilst we all await the recommendations from the NCARRB and the decision from the Home Office on the NCA Pay Reform proposals, your NEC have arranged a series of Members Meetings where members will get the opportunity to be updated on the formal pay negotiations between the NCOA and the NCA. It is planned these meetings will coincide with the likely ballot period on the Pay Reform proposals.

It is important that all NCOA Members attend a meeting and the NCA have been informed of the following arrangements:

31/01/18    10.00          Bristol                   Main Briefing Room   

02/02/18    10.00          Sheffield               Conference Room

02/02/18    13.30          Barnsley                Conference Room

05/02/18    11.00          Gartcosh               Conference Room

06/02/18    12.00          Stevenage            Meeting room

07/02/18    09.00          Olympic House      Auditorium

07/02/18    11.00          Crawley                 Conference Room

07/02/18    11.00          Belfast                  Room 1a/1b

08/02/18    11.00          Tolworth               Conference Room

09/02/18    10.00          Kent/Vigo             Adytum Suite

09/02/18    10.00          Calder                   Conference Room

09/02/18    14.00          Dover                    Meeting Room

12/02/18    10.30          East Mids               Meeting Room

12/02/18    11.00          Slough                  Conference Room

12/02/18    13.30          Olympic House      Auditorium

13/02/18    10.00          Tyneside               Conference Room

13/02/18    14.00          Birmingham           Green Room

14/02/18    14.00          Spring Gardens     Rome/ Athens Room

15/02/18    10.00          Chorley                  Canteen

16/02/18    10.30          Spring Gardens     Rome/ Athens

19/02/18    11.00          Leics                     Conference Room

19/02/18    11.00          Solent                  Conference Room.


This list will be updated as and when other meetings are arranged and published at

Your NEC are keen that all NCOA Members are fully informed on the NCA Pay Proposals, besides attending our Members meetings, we also encourage all Members to attend a local NCA briefing which start this week at most sites.

Feel free to contact should you require any further information. NEC Officers and myself look forward to meeting you at one of the Members Meetings.