NCOA National Secetary Appointment


The NCOA are proud to announce the appointment of its first National Secretary Simon Bashford. Simon has been appointed to the role of National Secretary. His appointment will be for 5 years.

NCOA Chair said “Simon is well known to most of you in the organisation as a result of his years of experience in SOCA and supporting members in all aspects of consultation/negotiation, TUPE & COSOP transfers and every arena surrounding Misconduct & Discipline. Simon has been outspoken and passionate about the need for a united NCA staff and opposing any two tier system of workforce”.

Simon said “I am very proud to take up this role on behalf of the members of the NCOA. I have huge confidence in the very dedicated members of the NCOA executive committee and it will be a pleasure to work alongside them for the next 5 years. Personally, I have seen the NCOA receive tremendous support from our members and I will see that this continues. I am committed to providing a bespoke union acting independently of the employer, free from any political bias or affiliation and focussing solely on the issues and needs of National Crime Agency officers”.