NCOA Pay Briefings


Dear Members,

Given the overwhelming support to withdraw goodwill from the 25th August, my colleagues and I have received a few enquiries from members, regarding the current pay process and the withdrawal of goodwill.

The National Crime Agency functions effectively 365 days a year - but it only does so when goodwill is also 'gifted' to them by staff on each of those days. Again and again, staff are willingly (mostly), going above and beyond by turning up early, going home late, answering calls 24/7, dropping everything to come back to work, travelling in their own time to go to training events etc - not to improve their own working life, but to ensure that the 'business' operates far more smoothly that contracts can secure.

These acts whilst wholly one sided, often have little or no impact on the most valuable company resources - i.e. time and money. Does the Agency worry about you withdrawing goodwill? - er yes, very much so. It absolutely knows what you do on a daily basis to make their business more efficient. Whilst trying to explain to some members just what goodwill means I found a great definition from the 'business' world which absolutely nails it -

Goodwill is an intangible asset which adds high value to a business - in this case, the business in question is The National Crime Agency.

Does the Government know that withdrawing goodwill is happening in response to the delayed pay award? - Yes they do.
Do they care? - If they don't already, they soon will do once they realise the negative impact this will undoubtedly have on NCA activity should the 2023 pay process linger further as expected.

The ultimate leverage in any longstanding pay dispute is of course the withdrawal of labour - which comes with its own problems in terms of coordination and ultimately - loss of pay. Here in the NCA, the legal restrictions placed on a third of the workforce means industrial action is extremely difficult to bring about.

Nevertheless, we are aware of panicked measures and 'solutions' being hastily drawn up to counter massive goodwill issues linked to pay in key NCA departments - do not underestimate the impact and value of withdrawing goodwill that you normally offer the NCA to deliver your role.

Earlier this week, colleagues in Police Scotland - (another organisation stymied by legal restrictions, but who have also previously seen officers withdraw goodwill) finalised another law enforcement pay deal delivering 7% for its staff.

So, please be in no doubt that your goodwill is an extremely valuable resource to your employer. At this time there is no better way of demonstrating your anger and frustration at yet another pay award delay and the failure of your employer to deliver the £1500 cost of living payment, by withdrawing your goodwill - every day, until you see your pay packets rise like everyone else subject to a pay review body process.

Next week, myself and other members of the National Executive Committee will be visiting Spring Gardens and will be holding 2 open invite meetings for members as follows;

Session 1
Wednesday 13th September 2023
11:00 - 11:45am
Location: Unit 5. Ground Floor, Room 11

Session 2
Wednesday 13th September 2023
12:00 - 12:45
Location: Unit 5. Ground Floor, Room 11

Although this room is one of the largest available at SG, capacity is limited so it will be 'first come - first served' on the day. Remember to bring a bottle of water - it could be another hot one.