NCOA & All Parties Publish Reports to Pay Review Body


Dear Members,

Following the publication of the NCA’s NCA Remuneration Review Body (NCARRB) submission, the NCOA are now in a position to share its own NCARRB document here :

You will note that whilst the Agency are seeking the same percentage uplift as recommended by the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB), the NCOA are going much further and seeking complete parity with equivalent Police pay scales. As well as a substantive and consolidated pay increase for all Grade 6 officers. It is clear to us that by simply mirroring the Police Officer pay award, NCOA officers in real terms will simply see their salaries move further away from policing equivalent pay. Unlike the Agency, the NCOA have again made several specific wholesale proposals for substantive NCA pay reform which are not merely reliant on a cost of living pay award.

The failure of HM Government to publish a Civil Service or Public Sector pay remit, makes it difficult to predict anything but more austerity in 2024/25. That said, in their recent evidence to the PRRB, Chief Constables including the MPS Commissioner gave strong evidence for an above inflation award.

Reporting on his own oral evidence Sir Mark Rowley stated,

‘... earlier today, I gave evidence to the PRRB – the organisation that makes recommendations on police pay to the Government.

I made the case that further increase in police officer salaries and London allowance are needed to deal with continued cost of living concerns and recruitment challenges.

This was the second year in a row that I've given evidence to the PRRB in person. Last year we secured a seven per cent pay award from the Government, but it’s clear that after a 16 per cent real terms cut compared to 12 years ago, more is needed.

Policing is challenging enough without the added strain that concerns about cost of living are placing on officers. This year we are joining forces across the country in a calling for a pay rise at or above the rate of inflation.

We also want to see London weighting increased by at least £2000 to acknowledge that buying or renting a home, paying for childcare and a whole host of other costs are greater in the capital.

These changes matter greatly for serving officers, but they’re also important if we’re to reverse the backward trend in recruitment that’s being seen not just in policing but in health, prisons, probation, teaching and many other parts of the public sector in London.

It is at the lowest pay points that we’re the least competitive with other sectors , which is why we’re also asking for the lowest pay point to be abolished , with Chief Constables given the freedom to set starting salaries.

The PRRB process is specific to police officers, but as we did last year we will aim to make a comparable award to our valued police staff too.’

All parties involved in the NCA pay process are due to give oral evidence to the NCARRB in the week commencing the 13th May 2024.

NCOA Members can feel assured that the representatives giving evidence on their behalf (both powered and non-powered) will deliver a strong case for a substantive pay uplift this year.

I also hope our members can feel confident that the DG and other Senior Leaders will match their policing equivalents in being equally robust in their own evidence.

We await further reporting on the evidence provided to NCARRB by the Agency.


Steve Bond - National Officer