NCOA Seeks Minimum 2% Pay Increase Across Board


The NCOA has submitted its 2014/15 to the NCA Remuneration Review Body (NCARRB) seeking substantial and real benefits to the salaries of its officers. The NCARRB, set up as a consequence of the Crime & Courts Bill 2012 required Trades Unions and the employer to submit their claims to the appointed panel by 3rd February. The submissions are to focus solely on the claim for NCA officers with powers.

The NCOA is saddened that it has been unable to secure an agreement, with its sister unions, to present a unified submission on behalf of all officers but has however, elected to focus on the uniqueness of NCA staff and the need to Recruit, Retain and Motivate its staff appropriately. The additional pressure of the work carried out by Northern Ireland Officers is also highlighted.

The NCOA will present oral evidence to the NCARRB panel on Monday 3rd March during which time it will challenge the direction offered by the Home Secretary to limit the offer to within its 1% Government policy. See attached letter. Instead  your Executive will highlight the fact that its staff have suffered three years of a pay freeze followed by another two of pitiful often non-consolidate uplifts. The NCOA seeks to end the divisive practice of Performance Related pay-outs to a small section of staff using a flawed and unfair method of PDS during a period where civil service pay is so restricted.

During the presentation, the NCOA will demonstrate the fantastic work carried out by its members and the dedication of the officers of the organisation as a whole. The panel can expect to have recent successes and case studies impressed upon them to support the NCOA claim that their officers are truly unique within the national and international law enforcement environment. See the full submission.

The practice of a pay review process looks set to continue whilst the unfortunate situation of a two tier workforce (powers & non-powers) continues to exist in the NCA. We [NCOA] are as ever, committed to ending this condition and promises to put just the same energy and commitment into the pay claim for non-powers officers in the summer 2014.