New Pay Structure Explored


Senior NCOA officials recently took part in the second of a series of meetings with the employer, to explore the development of a new pay structure. The NCOA is by far the largest Union within the NCA and our presence throughout the process is critical to ensure that your concerns and the many issues you have raised regarding pay, are reflected upon and responded to where possible. We are acutely aware that HM Treasury will have a lot to say about any proposal which moves away from the 1% pay cap and we will work hard to assist in presenting a compelling case for change. It is our desire to see both appropriate remuneration and achievable upward movement within pay grades, reflecting the highly skilled workforce of the UK‘s premier law enforcement agency.


Given the current financial restrictions which are beyond all of our control, we are not in a position to offer any guarantees other than that we will commit to working towards a pay structure which accurately reflects your skills and experience. More importantly, we would seek to see the introduction of a pay structure which encourages the retention of its existing workforce rather than focussing on recruitment of new staff.  


As matters progress, we will provide you with further information but can categorically inform you at this stage, that we have listened and engaged, but have so far seen no proper proposals to either agree or disagree on.  


The NCOA have not forgotten the clear message of our membership regarding the introduction of an Annual Hours Working model and in this pay review process we will work hard to ensure that no NCA officer is unfairly penalised due to role, powers, grade or location.