Restructuring. NCOA Challenges Lack of Consultation


The NCOA has expressed concerns about the lack of definitive direction and absence of meaningful discussions with the NCA management as part of the Novo Project of restructure reform.

NCOA used almost an entire Formal Trade Union Side meeting last week to focus the management’s attention on your concerns around estate closure, relocation, geographical priorities and protections around roles and responsibilities. The NCA fundamentally failed to provide advanced disclosure around the areas which would require a reduction in staff nor the areas they are proposing to expend. This resulted in panic and misinformation being sent out by varying management teams.

The disjointed and inconsistent approach adopted, has resulted in members learning that their area ‘may’ be reducing in staff numbers, but without any detail regarding the process by which staff will be selected for moves or the areas to which they may be moved. The NCOA has challenged the employer on releasing the information at this stage as the change management process has yet to be formulated.

NCOA contested the fairness of continuing to advertise vacancies on the intranet for internal lateral moves at a time when the vacancies will be needed by member’s subject of enforced relocation. NCOA has submitted proposals  that any non-critical vacancies should now be held to allow displaced staff the maximum choice of role selection. NCOA has further proposed that a comprehensive list of vacant roles which will need filling under the new structure, should be released to members allowing them to consider their future. The proposals have met with a favourable response and we await their implementation.

Following the recent significant additional funding (£6m) secured by the organisation, the NCOA looks forward to reading how the NCA intends to additionally finance the respective commands particularly in respect of resourcing. NCOA is determined to ensure that any practice of necessary selection and redeployment is done rationally, fairly and with all officers provided with ample information to make a decision.

 If any member is unsure about the validity of information they get in respect of restructure, we ask you inform your NCOA representative who will provide you with the clarification and authenticity.