Protect Yourself When Protecting Others


OST Training Requirements Reminder

Dear NCOA member,

This week’s meeting of the strategic Learning & Skills Committee chaired by Director of Investigations Steve Bennett, saw a lengthy discussion concerning attendance at Officer Safety Training.

As you will be aware, Officer Safety Training (OST) certification is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the last annual refresher course attended. It is the responsibility of each individual officer to ensure that their certification remains valid. Officers failing to attend and pass refresher training within the 12-month period, (which can be extended to 13 months in exceptional circumstances if authorised by their G2 senior manager or officer safety trainer prior to their existing OST ticket expiring), must attend a full basic course in order to re-qualify in areas of officer safety.

Deploying operationally when your OST certification has expired may place you in a position of vulnerability should you be required to use force on a member of the public. The NCOA therefore strongly encourage all members who are subject to the OST training requirements to ensure that they are safe to deploy operationally and that their training is current and up to date. 

Recognising the difficulties we have all experienced over the past two years,  NCA L&D have pragmatically agreed to apply a degree of latitude with regards to the 12month rule (but this will clearly not be an indefinite position). We have been assured that there is sufficient capacity to meet any sudden demand for this training and it is therefore important that all officers make concerted efforts now, to secure enrolment onto an OST course as soon as possible.


Pete Almond
NEC Officer & Trade Union Learning Rep