Overtime Payment Changes Suspended


Plans to remove all overtime payments for members who work continuously during their normal hours and beyond 2.00am have been shelved by management following intervention by the NCOA.

NCOA negotiators discovered the proposals, which were contained within a revised working hour’s policy, had been finalised prior to the union becoming recognised by SOCA on the 12 August 2013.

Despite the consultation process having been concluded, following strong representations by the NCOA, management agreed to remove the new restrictions.

Had the changes remained in force this would have meant that all hours worked after 2.00am would not be eligible for enhanced payment and would have only counted towards hours worked on the following day.

The NCOA firmly believe that the current arrangements must remain in place in order to adequately compensate our members for the demanding and anti-social element of their work which is carried out during these hours.

Negotiators have also called for a review of the NCA `working day`, which currently commences at 2.00am, in order to ensure that it reflects the business need of the organisation and the impacts of collaborative working with partner law enforcement agencies.