Parking Woes Continue at NWH


Your NEC recently hosted open forum at the North-West Hub to discuss the drastic shortage of parking available at the site. Thank you to all those who attended and provided their feedback. As a result of your contribution, your NEC continues to engage with the agency on your behalf to try to seek a solution.

The matter of deficient parking has been brought to the attention of the Executive Leadership Team of the NCA. We have told them how the situation is not only causing great anxiety to officers and is damaging morale but also places the agency’s reputation at risk. As a result, the agency has commenced feasibility studies on all of the options proposed by NCOA members. Your NEC have highlighted that the NCA needs to find a long-term solution to the lack of parking at the NWH, as well as a short-term solution to deal with the immediate issue. This includes increased access to VPN and increased flexibility on locations and core hours, NCOA members can work. Your NEC will continue work with local NCA Management at the NWH to seek the interim solution to the issue of parking as well as engaging with the ELT of the NCA to encourage them to allocate funding for a sustainable solution.

As a result of parking off site local residential areas adjacent to the NWH, officers have been subjected to intimidation including threats/acts of either criminal damage or assault. We ask that you remain vigilant and ensure all incidents are reported as required.

We will be seeking further feedback from yourselves in due course. Please contact any of your local NCOA Reps at the NWH, should you require any further information.