Update re Pay Process Ballot & Data Refresh Exercise


Dear Members,

We are almost at the half way stage with our important pay process ballot which closes next week - have you had your say? It really does only take 2 mins and the results so far will certainly make uncomfortable reading for the Agency. So, if you haven’t done so already, please head straight to,


In the last few days, almost 1000 NCOA members have responded to our data refresh request to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate and current. Whilst this response is fantastic for us, some of you have reported a few issues and even concerns that the request is genuinely from us.

I am happy to confirm that the data refresh link you were sent came directly from the NCOA database and the link is unique to you as individuals. When you complete the information, it then feeds directly back to our secure database - there is no middleman - and it automatically links to your file.
We can only apologies that some NCA locations are missing or incorrect. Believe it or not, it is because the list has been generated from data already held on the database, so this evidences why the process is so important. If you find your location does not currently feature, please use the ‘other’ box to highlight what is missing and we will update our records as necessary.

Some of you have also reported that the date of birth box requires an onerous, manual, and time-consuming search to lock on to your year of birth (for those of us born in the 60’s I feel your pain!) If you’ve missed it, please activate the date of birth box which will bring up today’s date, then, by pressing on the displayed current month (July), a revolving date bar option should appear which will make the process quite simple.


Simon Boon - NCOA General Secretary