No Collective Agreement Reached



Following a period of formal negotiation with the employer regarding contractual changes linked to NCA pay reform, the NCOA ran a Ballot of all members between Monday 12th February and Friday 23rd February 2018. The Ballot has now closed.

The NCA sought to obtain a Collective Agreement from all three of its recognised Trade Unions to introduce these changes across the entire workforce. Each of the Unions committed to balloting their respective membership groups to reach their own individual position. If as a result of a ballot, all three Unions agreed to accept the contractual changes, the NCA would have a Collective Agreement to implement the Pay Reform proposals in their entirety.

Validation has now taken place and;
The NCOA Ballot result conclusively rejects the proposals offered by the Agency.

It is therefore not possible for the Agency to implement changes through a Collective Agreement.

The NCOA are due to meet the Agency and officials of the other two unions over the next 48hrs to establish what the NCA intends to do next.

We will report back to you over the course of the next two days as matters progress.