Pay Reform Update


You may be surprised to hear that the NCOA have had nothing other than informal conversations on Pay reform. Since earlier in the year we have been party to a number of meetings but the original document presented to us at the start bears little resemblance to where the Agency sits now. This is as a consequence of heavy influence from central government.

 It is important for you to understand fully that it is the NCA which is developing a proposal for reform and one which requires approval at several levels before it can even be presented to the NCARRB in early October to consider.

 The NCOA has formally asked to be involved in the development period to engage directly with the Home Office - this has been rejected at central government level. The NCOA have also asked formally for the latest NCA document but that request has rejected at executive level.    

We have made repeated requests for the Agency to provide clear and regular communication, unfortunately they chose not to which has been unhelpful. However it now transpires that earlier communication would have been unhelpful as everything has changed so much from where it was almost one year ago.

The Agency has also imposed an embargo on the NCOA which means other than in general terms and very reluctantly we cannot communicate what we know. It is important for you to understand that if we break that embargo the Agency could, and is very likely to exclude us from full negotiations.

Negotiations however, cannot take place until the NCA is able to present us with a proposal which has the endorsement of Treasury, Home office and the NCARRB. We cannot afford to be excluded from that point and have respected the embargo to enable us to engage on your behalf when it really matters.

As alluded to in Lynne's recent blog, and a number of candid conversations with some members of staff, Pay Reform is now likely to focus on specialist groups within the Agency. Putting it bluntly this means if introduced, Pay Reform will see far less people benefit.

It is clear to us that the widespread bottom G6 to G1 reform we were anticipating is now not a feature of NCA Pay Reform. We have of course formally challenged this far from satisfactory position.

The automatic assumption by many will be that this will be a powers non-powers split but, we have been informed that it is more likely to focus on role and specialism rather than a dismantling of the NCA ‘one workforce’.

The NCOA have made it absolutely clear that we have a mandate to represent all of our members to ensure that any new pay proposals befit a 21st Century, World leader in Law Enforcement. For those of you who are in any doubt, this means from G6 up and for those with powers and those without.

The NCA is seeks to introduce pay reform through a collective agreement. This means that it will be down to the Trade Unions to support or reject on behalf of our members – and significantly, the rest of the NCA workforce will have to accept that position.

The voices of non-union members will not influence any decision by the agency to implement or withdraw Pay Reform within the NCA.

You will be aware that the current round of NCARRB has been suspended to allow the Agency to present its pay reform case. Following direct communication with the NCARRB we believe that the 2017-2018 timetable will be re-opened with;

  •  9th October 2017 - Written submissions by all parties.
  • 1st November 2017 – Oral presentations to the NCARRB.
  • Mid to late January 2018 - Report and recommendations of the NCARRB forwarded to the Home office for endorsement and implementation.  

 We have asked that non powers and powers pay awards are delivered at the same time, with the NCARRB setting the tone for our non-powers pay talks which we envisage will be taking place simultaneously.

 All members are advised to monitor personal emails for updates and prepare for member meetings which will roll out as the issues become clear to us. 

Non-members are encouraged to join as a matter of urgency. Non-union membership does not provide any opportunity to influence, reject or accept Pay Reform which lies in the hands of those who are members.

Everyone is encouraged to add their vote to the Pay Reform ballot we will be holding in due course.