Please Read Urgent Pay Reform Message


Following an extremely frustrating 18 months, we have just been provided with a new and very tight timetable, which opens up an NCARRB process previously suspended over a year ago.

Since its inception, the NCOA has consistently argued that the current pay and reward structure is outdated, and hinders both recruitment and retention. Until relatively recently, this view has not been shared by the Agency.

We have therefore been left stunned that having led from the front, the Agency has removed the Trade Unions from any negotiations or consultation on what pay reform will look like, as it chose to sit in a closed room with Home office and Treasury counterparts. . . FIRST values at its best!

Frustratingly, NCOA stood alone in challenging the lack of Transparency by the NCA and on Friday the 27th October we will publish our NCARRB submission which, given the hands off approach by the employer includes very limited information (received today) on the Agency’s plans for the future. 

What we do know is that ‘tough decisions’ made by the NCA in designing a pay reform model without our involvement, will no doubt see many officers extremely disappointed and angry, if endorsed at the NCARRB.

Our recent Annual General Meeting saw the strength of feeling on pay come to the fore and the NEC is mandated to represent all members, across all grades and all work areas to ensure fairness and equal opportunity, when proper engagement takes place.

For those of you in any doubt, we have made it very clear that;

  • Pay and reward within the NCA is flawed for everyone.
  • No group of officers should subsidise pay reform for others, and significantly;

The NCOA have neither agreed, nor endorsed, a single aspect of the reform plans.  

The Agency will not be seeking approval from you as individuals to introduce any ‘approved’ pay reform - it will be asking the NCOA to deliver a decision on your behalf. We will not make that decision without your input.

On Tuesday 28th November we will be delivering an oral presentation to the NCARRB by which time, we will be far better sighted on the Agency’s proposals. NCOA has pushed the Agency to be candid, and to share widely, its entire proposal ahead of that hearing.

It is important that when NCOA walk into that presentation, we understand the strength of feeling (not a definitive position) at that time.

To that end, following the publishing of our report next Friday we will be launching a bespoke NCOA online survey, inviting you to comment on key aspects of the Agency’s case, to understand your position in support or objection, for what they seek to introduce.

Should the NCARRB endorse the Agency’s proposals in due course, we will hold a member ballot to agree to enter into, or reject, signing up to a collective agreement with the NCA.

It is critical that you engage in both the survey and the ballot to enable us to reach a conclusive position. If you know any officers who are not members, there has never been a better time to join the NCOA and help influence our decision to support or reject pay reform.


Simon Boon

General Secretary