PPE Message


Up to date Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE) guidance was issued by the NCA over the weekend. The NCOA supported this information being shared widely to ensure that those working, including those who were deploying directly from home were immediately aware of it.

The guidance is there to keep NCA Officers, their families and members of the public safe. It is important that all NCOA members make themselves aware of this information and follow it. The NCA have confirmed that there are sufficient quantities of appropriate PPE, available for all officers who deploy operationally.  The NCA guidance mirrors  the current National Police Chief Councils (NPCC) guidance on PPE of the 8th April 2020 which was also circulated by the NCA and was based on HM Government advice which has been confirmed by Public Health England.

Please click here to view the NPCC PPE guidance. This guidance also includes advice for NCA officers who are working from NCA locations and includes information on the need to clean NCA vehicles.

Steve Bond

NCOA National Officer