Reduction in Paid Sick Leave Proposed


The current policy states that half pay will be considered only when an officer has accrued 6 months in any rolling two years (making it a reasonably rare occurrence). Significantly, the amended version will only permit an officer to accrue 5 months in any rolling 4 years, vastly increasing the likelihood that members will become victims of half pay.

The changes would affect new joiners and existing staff who are subject of contractual changes following promotion or transfer i.e. members in the BPC, PeCU or NFA.

No one is immune from periods of absence from work and these ‘Home Office’ led proposals, if implemented, will see many members suffer from having their pay reduced by 50% or even worse removed altogether.

The NCOA are seeking to challenge these proposals and in advance of further meetings with the employer are arranging a series of workplace meetings and all members are urged to attend.

Members are also reminded that they can provide their views/feedback independently via the NCOA Website,uk via the “Contact Us” Page.