NCOA Statement - Death of George Floyd


The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has prompted ongoing protests and discussions about race across America and the UK.

That George Floyds’ death was caused by the actions of Police Officers is a betrayal to all law enforcement officers in America, UK and across the globe, who signed up to protect the public, serve their communities, and do so by upholding and abiding by the law.

The Black Lives Matter movement, the focus of current protests, highlights that as generations have passed, black lives have systematically mattered less. Recently published reports on the BAME community in the UK workplace shows young BAME adults are more likely than their white counterparts to suffer mental health problems, be unemployed, work shifts or be on zero-hour contracts. We must acknowledge and challenge this ongoing inequality and recognise that only in doing so will “all lives” truly matter.

The NCOA pledges to its members a renewed focus on equality and diversity.  We will continue to support and advise the Agency, and challenge them to do better; and we will as a union, strive to be truly representative of the diverse membership we represent. We invite our members to engage with us directly on these issues.

As the largest union within the National Crime Agency, the NCOA can attest directly to the extraordinary dedication of our members and that it truly is a minority that abuses the power and privileges that accompanies a law enforcement role.  The NCOA will continue to support its members who uphold these high standards and fiercely oppose those who do not.

We stand in support of those who peacefully and lawfully protest and also our law enforcement colleagues on the frontline involved in policing the demonstrations. We strongly oppose the minority of protestors who have attacked and caused injury to police officers and others, caused criminal damage and only served to undermine the wider cause.  Our thoughts are with those injured, their colleagues and their families.