Subscription Increase 2021


Dear Member

Thank you for your continued support of the NCOA. The NCOA seeks to deliver the very best value for money member services and ensures that its subscription fees represent a fair reflection of the representation that we deliver on your behalf. Despite increased costs to enable us to provide our excellent services over the past four years, we have effectively worked to insulate our members from any associated subscription increases since 2017.

The NCOA Executive Committee (NEC) has recently agreed that an increase in subscriptions is now required to ensure that we continue to meet our service levels. They have agreed to increase NCOA monthly subscriptions for Grades 5 to 2 and associate members by only 50p per month. Grades 6 and part time workers within the G5-G2 group will see no change.

It is our experience that members in the senior grades within the Agency have and are, exposed to far greater risk of involvement in increasingly expensive legal representation including criminal allegations and public enquiries. This is due in part to the increased risks associated with controlling high level operations and managing numerous staff within that process. Additionally, by virtue of senior officers’ higher salaries, employment disputes are likely to be more expensive to fund.

To reflect these risks, the NEC agreed that an increase in subscriptions for Grade 1 and SCS is required to £19.95 per month.

The NCOA appreciates that any increase, at any grade, is an unwelcome change but consider that it is necessary to allow us to continue to provide you with bespoke support and unparalleled member benefits.

The changes to your Direct Debit will take effect from 1st June 2021.