Transformation Talks Progress


Senior NEC officials recently took part in a series of meetings with the
employer, to discuss the likely impact on NCOA members of NCA plans for
significant changes to the current Intelligence, Investigative and
Deployment Models. The NCOA highlighted that the impact on officers
should not be under estimated by the NCA as these changes come at a
time when the NCA are embarking on Transformation, the Demand, Risk
and Resource (DRR) Project as well as NCA Leadership and structural
changes. All of this comes at a time when we all wait the outcome of the
proposed Pay Reform.
The NCOA is by far the largest Union within the NCA and our presence
throughout the change programmes will be critical to ensure that the
concerns that NCA Officers raise regarding the potential for geographical
moves and/or role changes are reflected upon and responded to where
Officials from the NCOA have now had the opportunity to examine the
high-level design for the NCA future way of working which the Board
approved on the 7th April 2017. Specifically, how the NCA want their
Intelligence and Investigation capabilities to work together, and how the
NCA resources will need to direct and deliver the appropriate operational
It is apparent that the operational transformation is ambitious and will
provide both opportunities and challenges for NCOA Members. NCOA has
secured an undertaking from the Agency that they will fully engage with
the NCOA in order that its members can fully understand the implications
that the proposed might have for them.
It is important that NCOA members involve themselves in any
investigation pilot evaluation exercises, attend any briefings provided by
the NCA and read the intranet for updates. As matters progress, your
NEC will provide you with further information but can inform you at this
stage, that we have listened and engaged with the NCA only and no
decisions have been made
Members will receive regular updates on the progress of meetings as and
when the two sides meet.