Voluntary Early Exit Scheme Launched


NCA launches voluntary early exit scheme aimed reducing the workforce by up to 400 staff members.

The NCOA have been in consultation with the employer regarding this scheme which aims to reshape the current workforce in respect of grade balance and skills. The employer has reported this is necessary in order to “strengthen operational crime fighting alongside achieving a leaner and more efficient management structure”.

The NCOA maintain its principle that all jobs must be protected and that any reduction in the workforce may ultimately impact upon our members in respect of additional workload and a reduction in career development opportunities.

In respect of this particular scheme and the fact that it will be operated on a strictly voluntary basis the NCOA have not sought to resist its implementation as we recognise that for some members, particularly those who are nearing retirement age, it offers significant financial incentives.

Criteria for Applications

All applications will ultimately be considered by the NCA Board which may result in variances in decisions due to the demographics of the workforce and in certain cases the geographical location of the workplace and all applicants should be aware of this.

Applications will be considered on the following basis: 

  • Improved operational capability
  • Maintenance of scarce skills
  • Value for money
  • Posting Issues

There will be strict timescales which members will need to comply with and the following sites/documents are essential reading for all applicants.


Home Office circular 002-13: amendments to police pension scheme

ACPO Voluntary Exit Scheme for police officers – recommended practice guide. 

The NCOA strongly advises all members, who are considering making applications, to take independent financial advice before doing so.