Well-being Seminar Invite


As part of our commitment to supporting your wellbeing, we wish to draw your attention to a 60-minute seminar occurring on Friday 22 May 2020 at 09:00hrs via Zoom. The session, which is being run by BAILEY & FRENCH, is open to all NCA Employees.  The NCA are supporting officers to attend this event as part of their working day.  

This workshop will give you the chance to take the time out to focus on your wellbeing and resilience and uses the PERMA model of wellbeing as a framework to help you to better understand this topic. To familiarise yourself with the topics you can watch this videoWhat is PERMA? and/or read this article:  The PERMA Model of Wellbeing: Your Scientific Theory of Happiness.

The interactive nature of this virtual session creates a positive peer learning platform for you to share your insights and experience and develop the skills to support your own and other’s positive wellbeing and resilience.  It is an interactive session and will require participation. There are 500 places available.

If you’d like to take part, please register using your personal email address from a personal device at Click Here. You will also need to submit your NCA email address to ensure only officers from the NCA will attend.  The Zoom call will be password protected.  You are free to access the seminar using your personal device as no official information will be discussed.