General Secretary and President Elections Notice


Elections to the position of NCOA General Secretary and President shall take place between 1st and 31st July 2022.

The NCOA is the largest Independent Trade Union in the NCA and undertakes very demanding and rewarding work on behalf of more than 3,200 full time and associate members.

As members of the National Executive Committee, both the General Secretary and President will serve a term not exceeding five years. Both elected positions are full time and paid by the NCOA. The role cannot be performed whilst working for any other employer.

Any member seeking election to General Secretary or President must be fully financially solvent at the date of nomination and not be excluded from standing as designated by NCOA Rules. Candidates shall be supported by a proposer and seconder who shall be NCOA members.

All qualifying candidates will be given the opportunity to submit their CV outlining their suitability to members, along with an election address of no more than 500 words prior to any final ballot process which will be managed by independent election scrutineers. Every subscribing member shall be eligible to vote:

Candidate Criteria

  • Proven ability to lead national negotiations
  • Good oratory skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Proven ability to lead and motivate
  • Up to date knowledge of Employment Law
  • Proven organisational and planning skills
  • Media communication skills
  • Proven ability for flexibility in working practices
  • Ability to manage compliance
  • Proven ability in Dispute Resolution
  • Ability to manage member discipline and complaints
  • Proven ability in national Pay Review

If you are interested and you feel you can demonstrate the criteria listed, please e mail your nomination form (link below) to

You are required to complete the attached nomination form and obtain two nominees from NCOA members, to support your application. Should it be necessary to move to a multi-candidate election ballot then you will be notified and requested to submit your election statement (500 words max) in addition to your CV. Your initial expression of interest will be noted by an e-mail acknowledgement. Applications will only be accepted until midday 16th May 2022.

In the event of any election ballot, (more candidates than places), then all candidates will be notified by NCOA membership, immediately following the closing date, with instructions regarding election addresses and rules.

If you would like to know more about this demanding role, then please contact membership on 01925 214360 or myself at the number below.

Nick Edwards NEC Chair

07715 668049

Note: A copy of the election rules and full role responsibilities may be obtained prior to a candidate submission, by writing to  or by visiting . Further information on the specific roles, including information on salary can be obtained from Nick EDWARDS, Chair, NCOA.

Nomination Form Link

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